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Introduction to Northwestern Polytechnical University

NPU has worked hard to create an intelligent and energetic faculty that the students desire. The university attracts and employs the most capable faculty available and seeks to cultivate a climate that promotes excellence in their performance. NPU encourages and provideswith the faculty members opportunities to continue learning, keeping current with the research and development within their fields of expertise.  

Each year, NPU sends new and mid-career faculty members to special training at prestigious institutions of higher learning and organizations both at home and abroad. The Tenth Five-year Plan includes the Outstanding Disciplinary Leader Development Plan, the High-level Creative Talent Program and the Elite Development Program, and all designed to increase skills in young teachers. At present, NPU has proposed the Aoxiang Scholar Project to help train outstanding academic discipline leaders, excellent innovative teams and innovating young researchers and lecturers.

NPU has 1,801 faculty members, including 15 CAS or CAE academicians, 428 professors, and 556 associate professors. Over 82% of them hold a master's degree or above. Teachers under the age of 45 account for 76% of the total faculty. The university continues to recruit an increasing number of teachers who have worked abroad at other universities and who have a great variety of experiences. NPU has 13 Yangtze River Scholars, 16 professors from the National Hundreds out of Ten Million Talent Project, 9 winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars,55 professors sponsored by the New Century Excellent Talent Support Plan of the Ministry of Education, 22 professors having the title of Shaanxi Provincial Distinguished Professorship, 25 professors from the Talent Project 511, 25 professors from the Shaanxi Provincial Three-Five Talent Project, 8 professors working as specialists in the Discipline Evaluation Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and 27 professors working on the Ministry of Education’s Teaching Guidance Committee.