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"Academic Style Construction Month" for International Students of Northwestern Polytechnical University (2020-2021 academic year)

In order to comprehensively improve the learning and scientific research capabilities of international students, and cultivate high-level international talents with excellent academic performance, combining our university’s “double first-class” construction goal and the current global epidemic situation, International College has formulated the “Academic Style Construction Month" project.

1. Objects
All current international students of NPU

2. Time Period
Mid-November 2020 to mid-December 2020

3. Implement Method
All academic activities are organized in an "online + offline" model, and some typical deeds and outstanding practices will be promoted on the International College WeChat official account.

4. Specific Information
(1)Sharing advanced deeds to give full play to the power of example
Relying on the selection of "excellent international students" and the appraisal of various special scholarships, we will seek out outstanding students in all grades. Encourage students to promote advanced deeds and carry out "online + offline" experience sharing and exchanges. International College will select and send representative typical cases for publicity reports.

(2)Focus on the characteristics of the subject background and hold academic seminars
According to the subject characteristics of different majors, students are encouraged to carry out related academic seminars or lectures based on their own learning status and understanding.

(3)Strengthen peer-to-peer mutual aid education and work together to promote studies
Students can set up peer-to-peer academic counseling groups according to different types of subjects, nationalities, and language of instruction. Encourage implementation across grades and academic qualifications. Relying on the resources of the Educational Affairs Office of International College and the International Student Learning Center, and taking full account of the time difference between domestic and foreign countries, the Internet, etc., organize counseling activities reasonably and effectively.

(4)Create an apartment learning atmosphere and establish a good learning environment
Focus on creating a learning atmosphere in the student apartments and launch a series of activities about "Our Most Beautiful Dormitory". Taking the student dormitory as a unit, appraisal, establishment of a model and recognition of excellence through methods such as signing a study style agreement, completing room self-examination, maintaining public atmosphere, organizing group self-study, and keeping track of your academic progress.

(5) Implement daily student management and coordinate to promote the construction of study style
Strengthen contact with academic schools and carry out student guidance and assistance. Undergraduate students should focus on academic examinations, and master/PHD students should focus on academic research. The Educational Affairs Office cooperates with the International Student Office to organize thematic classes and related education work such as examination style and discipline, academic mobilization, and difficult analysis.


International College, NPU

Nov. 2020