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Chinese as a Foreign Language Courses

Chinese as a foreign language teaching at HUST has long-term Chinese further program and short-term training program
Categories Long-term Chinese further program Short-term Chinese training program
Admission requirements Senior high school diploma or certificate A group of more than 5 people
Length of Study Over one term (over half a year) 4 weeks
Class Schedule  16 weeks per term, 20 class hours per week 30 hours per week (including practice teaching)
Term Schedule  Spring term: Late February---Early July
Fall Term: Late August----Early January Summer Time: Mid-July----Mid-August
Winter Time: Late December---Late January the next year
Class categories Primary Class, Junior Class, Intermediate Class, Senior Class Classes classified by the Chinese Level
Courses  Comprehensive Chinese, Listening, Oral Chinese, Grammar, Reading and Culture and other courses Listening, Oral Chinese, Practice teaching activities and other courses
Registration Time Spring term: Oct.10---Feb.28 (the next year)
Fall term: April 10---August 31 Summer time: May 1----July 1
Winter time: Oct. 10---Dec. 26
Tuition and Fees Registration Fee: 260 Yuan
Tuition: 6000 Yuan per term
12000 Yuan per academic year Registration Fee: 260 Yuan
Tuition: 2000 Yuan per month
(400 Yuan for per week added)
Textbooks  Provide for oneself Provide for oneself