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A Brief Introduction to LNSHU

Liaoning Shihua University was founded in 1950 in Dalian,Liaoning Province, which was the first petroleum school in China. In 1953,Liaoning Shihua University moved to the city of Fushun, Liaoning Province. In March, 2002, under the ratification of the Ministry of Education, the name of the university was changed from Fushun Petroleum Institute into Liaoning Shihua University. It is a state-owned, non-profit making institution of higher education and the first of its kind across China. For the past 52 years since its foundation, Liaoning Shihua University has fostered turned out more than 40,000 students for China’petrochemical industry.

Liaoning Shihua University covers an area of over 2000 mu, with the building area of 355.000 square meters, and possesses 758.000 volumes of books. The asset totals 0.32 billion yuan, with the teaching and researching instruments worth 70 million RMB. At present, Liaoning Shihua University has 12.000 students of different levels (507 graduates, 7277 undergraduates).

The working staff exceeds 1450, including 850 teachers. There are 412 professors, associate professors and other technical personnel with senior academic or technical titles,14 doctoral tutors, and 103 master tutors.15 teachers enjoy the State Council Special Allowance,1 teacher has been selected into the 1st、2nd level of talents of the National hundred-thousand-ten thousand talents project,2 teachers have been chosen as national outstanding teachers;11 have been selected into the 1st、2nd level of talents of provincial hundred-thousand-ten thousand talents project,32 teachers have been chosen as provincial or ministerial outstanding experts, disciplinary leaders and outstanding teachers;9 have been chosen as provincial and ministerial model workers.

Liaoning Shihua University has also engages over 200 part-time professors at home and abroad, including 10 academicians from the Academy of Science of China and the Academy of Engineering of China. The university has 10 majors which have the qualifications for conferring master's degrees, and 3 fields conferring master's degree of engineering. In the university, the on-job students can also apply for their master's degrees. The university has 29 undergraduate majors,10 of which are administered by the state,2 second degree majors and 19 junior degree majors.

The university now has 11 schools and colleges: School of Petrochemical Technology, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Information Engineering, School of Science, School of Foreign Studies, School of Humanities, School of Physical Education, Shunhua College, Vocational and Technical College and College of Adult Education. In addition, the university has 6 teaching and research centers: Analysis and Testing Research Center, Petrochemical Research and Development Center, Mechanical Research and Development Center, Industrial Control Research and Development Center, NEU(Northeastern University)-Alpine & Liaoning Shihua University Research and Development Center, and Computer Center. Chemical Technology, Applied Chemistry and three other specialties are the key disciplines of provincial and ministerial level. The university has the qualifications for enrolling foreign students and sending students to study abroad.