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Happy New Year’s Eve In Bohai University

On 23th,Dec of 2016, the New Year Countdown Party was held in the Music Hall in Bohai University Songshan Campus. Students of CSOL major from College of Intenational Exchange and the international students who won the NOCFL scholarship gave a fabulous performance on the same stage. This performance offered 20 brilliant programs which demonstrate the traditional Chinese culture and different exotic custom all over the world, including traditional Chinese dancing, crosstalk and sketch by international studens and the musical dramas. They won the audiences’applause with a beautiful singing voice and handsome dancing; Confucius scholarship sketch show "I do volunteer" and "Chinese musical The Legend of Zhen Huan " in China show their learning results; "Jasmine Flower" and "a state of ceremonies" program to show the charm of China. The evening party was finished in the chorus of Chinese and foreign students, "tomorrow will be better," .
  This countdown party not only enhances the friendship between Chinese students and international students,but also improves the Chinese and foreign students' understanding of foreign cultures. In the cultural world, students can make friends with heart –to-heart communication, together to create a better tomorrow of College of International Exchange.