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Why BU

1.Complete Courses in different levels. Students can choose postgraduate courses, undergraduate courses, three-year courses and Chinese language training courses from 4 weeks to one year.

2.Full subject categories. There are 30 majors (programs) for master’s degree and master’s degree of education, and 49 programs for bachelor’s degree and 19 training majors.

3.Strong advantages in Chinese language education. BU owns the only one “Research Center for Applied Linguistic” in Liaoning province, which undertakes many national research programs and national academic conference, develops scientific research and gains distinct achievements. BU stands at the head of the research standard in applied linguistic and have two master’s degrees in linguistics major.

4.High quality teachers group. BU has 807 professionalteachers, 101 professors and 269 associate professors. A suit of teaching methods forinternational students’ study have been summarized according to their mother tongue and culture characteristics. The international students starting from the very beginning and only studying in BU for one year can pass grade 7 of HSK at the highest level.

5.Small-sized Chinese language class with nomorethan10 students in each class.Theclass division is quite particular and scientific (6 types of classes from A to F).

6.Rich and colorful practical activities. Manypractical activities are organized supporting teaching, such as culture tourism, offering study partner for international students. BU opens electives courses with Chinese characteristics,such as Chinese culture, history, folk-custom, Chinese Wushu, traditional Chinese medicine,Qigong,Shadowboxing,Chinese style cooking, etc.
7.Wonderful language situation. People in Jinzhou all speak standard Chinese instead of dialects.

8.Very low living cost and tuition fee here and the environment is quiet, comfortable and convenient.

9.Traffic convenient. All vehicles can extend in all directions.

10. In South Korea, Bohai University Chinese Language College, South Korea will be set up for the convenience of international students to Chinese Language.