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Introduction to BU

Bohai University (BU) is a comprehensive university at Liaoning provincial level. It is located in Jinzhou, a beautiful seaside city in China. To the south of BU is the Nu’erhe River (Daughter River), across which you can see the magnificent Nanshan Mountain (South Mountain). The artificial lake and hill within BU campus are surrounded by beautiful buildings of European style.

GATEBU was established in February, 1950. For more than half a century, 100,000 plus students have graduated from BU and have made important contributions to socialist modernization in such fields as education, scientific technology, trade and management. Some graduates are so outstanding that they have become famous experts, entrepreneurs, senior managers, both at home and abroad.

BU covers 1,032,926 square meters of land area and more than 420,000 square meters of building area.

BU owns RMB 1,000,000,000 (Shi Yi) yuan of fixed asset and 1,320,000 volumes of books. There are 15 colleges such as College of Chemistry and Chemical Industry, College of Information Science and Engineering, College of News and Communications, and College of Management; 6 departments such as Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Department of Mathematics, and Department of Physics; and 4 research institutes.

There are 30 majors (programs) for master’s degree and master’s degree in education, and 49 programs (directions) for bachelor’s degree and associate degree. BU has 1467 working staff, 807 of whom are full-time teachers—101 professors and 269 vice-professors. At present, BU has more than 20000 students.

There are modern teaching and experiment facilities, 60% of which are multi-media classrooms. Broad-band campus intranet has been built and students can use all-in-one e-card within the campus. BU’s Center for Science and Technology Experiment owns advanced laboratories and apparatuses. 

BU’s advantageous curricula are the ones concerning teacher education and commerce. There are 8 key province-level and BU-level curricula including Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Applied Mathematics, Ancient Chinese History, Theoretical Physics, Applied Chemistry, Principle of Pedagogy, and Curricula and Teaching Theory. campus

BU owns the “Research Center for Applied Linguistic”—an important research base for humanities and social science in Liaoning Province, “Lab for Food Safety and Functional Food” and “Lab for Applied Chemistry”—key province-level laboratories, and “Xingke Service Center for Medium- and Small-sized Enterprises”. There are also 20 research institutes with strong advantage, such as “Super-fine Chemicals Institute”, and “Western Liaoning Province Economy and Social Development Institute”. BU undertakes national research programs aided by natural science funds, social science funds, “Tenth Five-year Plan” project and key province-level projects. Great achievements have been made in scientific research and technological development. For recent years, BU’s award-winning research programs, published research papers in main journals including those adopted by SCI, EI, and ISTP and published academic works, all stand first on the list among the higher institutes of education in Liaoning Province.

BU has established friendly relationships with higher institutes in UK, US, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Canada and Russia, enrolls international students, exchanges teachers for lecture, and sends young and middle-aged teachers abroad to further their study or to study for degrees.