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For Future Students

Important Points You Should Know Before Applying Online
●Be sure to fully prepare the photocopies or the scanned copies of your application materials.

●Five types of methods to make a payment are available on SICAS, you can select the most convient one for you,following when you apply.More...

1.PayEase: It is a convenient, safe and easy online payment platform, supporting Master Card and VISA cards.
2.PayPal: PayPal is a secure, simple, and convenient way of paying. For those who have not used PayPal before, you can create an account on their website
3.Bank Transfer (T/T) in China: Applicants who are currently in China can do a direct bank transfer to pay the application fee in CNY
4.Bank Transfer (T/T) Overseas: Applicants who are not in China can pay the application fee in US Dollars by a bank transfer

5.Western Union: For applicants who cannot use T/T or PayPal payments, SICAS recommends you to use Western Union (especially African applicants)

Reminder:Please keep in mind that it is not until the payment has been confirmed will the applied university start for processing. In other words, universities will only start to process the applications which have been paied )

Application Materials

Application form is prerequisite, and every university has its own version. SICAS will guide you step by step to fill the exact one when you click "Apply now" on the page of your favorite course.
Be sure to prepare fully the following documents before starting online application. You will be asked to upload attachments in the application progress.

1.Original certificate of schooling of high school or copy, which should be translated into English or Chinese with notarization if other language.

2. Original academic record of high school or copy, which should be translated into English or Chinese with notarization if other language.

3.Copy of valid foreign passport.

4.Other supporting documents including HSK certificates and letters of recommendation, which will be given due consideration.

5. Prove documents of financial condition.

6.Prove documents of health condition..

Note: Documents submitted will not be returned to the applicants, whether the application is successful or not.

Application Requirements

The following are the requirements for international students applying for admission.

Candidates should be between 18 and 40 years old and in good health; Candidates should be non-Chinese citizens and hold the foreign valid ordinary passport.

Medical Undergraduate Diploma: Candidates should have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Candidates should pass new HSK Level 2 or above for the majors of Clinical Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing. For clinical internship, students should pass new HSK Level 4. New HSK Level 4 is essential for admission to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is required that applicant for Chinese language should be capable with the basic English language level.

Abide by laws and regulations of People's Republic of China.

Application Deadline

Medical Courses:

Prior to September 30th per year for Autumn Semester;

Prior to March 30th per year for Spring Semester

Chinese language course:

the entire year except for legal holidays

Note: Send the completed application form and all the relevant documents as listed above together to the School of International Education (address below). Application documents should reach the School of International Education before the final application deadline.

Procedures of Visa to China

The School of International Education of HMU will mail Admission letter from HMU and “Visa Application for Study in China” (JW202 Form) to applicants. The applicants must take a physical examination no more than 4 months in advance at the hospital designated by the Chinese Embassy. With the Admission Letter, JW202 Form and Physical Examination Record, applicant s can go to the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate for visa application (X Visa).