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Welcome to  Hainan Medical University ! 

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Hainan Medical University (HMU), under the auspices of the Hainan Provincial Government, was founded in 1993 with the approval of the Chinese State Education Commission. The history of the university began with the integration of two medical schools, the privately-owned Haiqiang Medical Vocational School (founded in 1947) and the privately-owned Medical College of Hainan University (founded in 1948, Mr. Tse-ven Soong is the first chairman of the board) combined into a new school -- Hainan Specialized Medical School. In 2004, Hainan Medical University began its joint program of recruiting graduate students with Peking University and other institutions of higher learning in China. In 2005 the university was again ranked by the State Ministry of Education as “favorable” in its undergraduate education program. In 2006 the university began the international students programs.

Hainan Medical University has three campuses with 139 hectares of land (2096 Mu), located on Chengxi Road (36 hectares, 538 Mu), Longhua Avenue (6 hectares, 90 Mu) and West Coast (97 hectares, 1466 Mu). Presently on staff there are 2299 doctors, faculty or research staff members, among whom are 157 professors and 317 associate professors.

The University now offers 27 specialties (including major orientation) in three different medical disciplines to undergraduates, including medicine, science and management and 21 specialties (including major orientation) for students in the three-year vocational program. The university hosts 15 colleges and departments,e.g. College of Clinical Medicine, College of Vocational Education and School of International Education etc. There are 83 departments, 11 teaching laboratories and 8 research laboratories. There are 6 provincial key disciplines, 4 provincial key laboratories, 15 provincial-level quality courses, and 3 provincial key courses. There is one hospital directly affiliated with HMU, and three hospitals indirectly affiliated. About 80 teaching and internship base offer their service to HMU. To date, HMU has enrolled over 12,000 Chinese students and more than 100 international students.

Schools & Departments
School of International Education 
School of Clinical Medicine 
School of Traditional Chinese Medicine 
School of Medical Management 
School of Basic Medical Science 
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences 
School of Public Health Sciences 
International School of Nursing 
School of Dental Sciences 
School of Tropical & Laboratory 
Humanities & Social Sciences 
Department of Information Technology (Department of Medical Informatics) 
Foreign Languages Department 
Physical Education Department 
School of Tertiary Vocational Education