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Registration fee

A registration fee of 400 RMB (equals to 65 USD) must be paid by each student

Tuition Fees:

RMB 18,700/year for Doctor's degree study;

RMB 17,100/year for Master's degree study;

RMB 15,000/year for Bachelor's degree study.

Chinese Language Training:
RMB 2,300/month;
RMB 4,600/2 month;
RMB 6,000/3 months;
RMB 7,500/6 months;
RMB 15,000/year.

Accommodation Fees:
Single Room: 800 RMB / month
Double Room: 1000-1200RMB / month
Four-people Room: 1500 RMB / year (6000 RMB/year/person for single living, 3000RMB/year/person for two people living)

1. Teaching Materials: students may purchase books and materials at campus bookstores for reasonable prices.
2. Cafeteria: Campus cafeterias serve a variety of Chinese food every day.  Depending on personal tastes, the cost would be about RMB15 / day /person.
3. Residence Visa Fee: the fee for a residence permit will be as prescribed by law or policy.
4. These fees are subject to change, depending on the Exchange Rate of People's Bank of China.