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why study in Guangdong University of Technology

Guangdong University of Technology is a key university of Guangdong Province with a history of over 50 years. It is a multi-disciplinary university offering a wide range of courses in engineering, science and technology, business management, liberal arts and law, with major emphasis on the study of engineering. Guangdong University of Technology is privileged to confer Bachelor's, Master's and Doctor's degrees on students

The University attaches great importance to scientific research and disciplinary development. For years, the University has undertaken a large number of key research projects for the state, provincial and local governments, as well as international joint research projects, resulting in a series of important achievements. The University has also established several joint labs, joint R & D centers and institutes with renowned companies or universities at home and abroad. A number of the disciplines of the University have developed unique strengths in fields closely related to these joint efforts.

The University actively engages in international exchanges and cooperation. It has established close links and partnerships with over 90 universities, enterprises and institutions in America, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Thailand and other places.

Dedicated to providing students with intellectual and comprehensive development within a caring environment, the University has a fine reputation for its quality teaching and learning. All programs are designed to be application-oriented to ensure that the graduates are well-equipped to embark on their chosen career paths at the end of their studies. GDUT graduates are preferred in the society, and the employment rate is among the best of universities in Guangdong province.