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Twenty overseas students visit Tibetan households in Sichuan【Kangba TV】

GARZE, August 3 (Kangba TV) -- The activity, "I'm in China – 2017 Overseas Students Visit Sichuan", continued its journey on August 2.

On the day, 20 overseas students from Sichuan University visited a local household in Xinduqiao Township, Kangding City, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.

Though with the drizzle, the grassland, mountain slope and Tibetan village draw students' attention.

The village is located along the Dajinchuan river valley and stretches to the foot of Khapama Mountain Peak. Along the mountain slope, various Tibetan houses scattered among the forests.

With the rising smoke from chimneys and the mountain mist, the Tibetan houses, river valleys and snow-capped mountains render a pastoral picture.