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Trip to E-mei Mountain and Leshan

To create a more international students in our school enjoy the beautiful mountains and rivers, the opportunity to get to know Chinese culture, in November 2017, 4, 5 and 11, 12, two weekends, our school has carried out the Chinese government scholarship and the area along the scholarship newborn cultural experience activities, visit the leshan giant Buddha and mount emei two famous scenic spots around chengdu. The students showed great interest in Chinese traditional culture and scenic spots. When they arrived at various scenic spots, they all rushed to take photos to remember them. NATALIIA, from Ukraine, said: "thank you for organizing such a cultural experience. I am very happy to visit so many beautiful places and meet so many new friends." Other students have also said you can see the leshan giant Buddha that, to enjoy the beautiful scenery of mount emei, the wonders of the world to enjoy a lot of extremely rich characteristics of the local cuisine, very grateful to the Chinese government scholarship and sichuan university "area" scholarship gave us this opportunity to cultural experience.