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The International Forum on Post-disaster Reconstruction and Sustainable Development Held at Sichuan University


the opening ceremony 

President Xie giving a speech at the ceremony 

Dr. Kim K.W. MAK delivering a speech at the ceremony

On the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake, the International Forum on Post-disaster Reconstruction and Sustainable Development, jointly hosted by Sichuan University- Hong Kong Polytechnic University Institute for Disaster Management and Reconstruction and the Disaster Research Center of Hong Kong Jockey Club and sponsored by Hong Kong Jockey Club, was held at Sichuan University on May 11,2011. Well-known experts from home and abroad gathered in the Waterfront Hall of Jiang’an Campus,Sichuan University, exchanging new ideas, sharing successful experience of post-disaster reconstruction and exploring a scientific reconstruction management model for promoting  post-disaster reconstruction in a scientific, effective and sustainable way. The  scholars brought their wisdom and pooled their efforts together for building a better Sichuan  province, which, they believed , was the best  way to commemorate the third anniversary of "5 • 12" Earthquake.
At the opening ceremony of the forum, President Xie Heping,  gave a warm speech entitled  "Social Responsibility and the Mission of a University" .The speech consists of four parts: social responsibility and missions of a University, Sichuan University’s role and contribution during the Wenchuan earthquake, the participation of Sichuan University in  post-disaster reconstruction, and our reflections and practice of Sichuan University’s  response to crisis.
Dr. Kim K.W. MAK, Executive Director of Corporate Development, Hong Kong Jockey Club, delivered a speech at the meeting. He expressed welcome and thanks to the domestic and foreign experts on behalf of Hong Kong Jockey Club. After briefly introducing the Hong Kong Jockey Club, he focused on the charitable cause of Hong Kong Jockey Club, especially the efforts and achievements it has made in the Sichuan post-disaster reconstruction. Dr. Kim K.W. MAK, pointed out that after three-year post-disaster reconstruction , Sichuan earthquake relief has made great achievements. “The Hong Kong Jockey Club hopes to make more efforts and contribution to the after-disaster reconstruction. It will continue its support of the post-disaster reconstruction by increasing investment in equipments and technology for the Sichuan University- Hong Kong Polytechnic University Institute for Disaster Management and Reconstruction”, said he.  
In the forum, the guests and scholars launched the ceremony of “the Disaster Management and Sustainable Development towards a Better Future” in the form of time capsule.