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Sichuan University Hosted the Regional Qualifying Round of The Forth Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Oversea Students All Over China




From May 16 to 17, 2011, The 4th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for International Students in China (Sichuan Area Preliminary) was held in Sichuan University. It was organized by Sichuan University and jointly sponsored by CCTV and China’s Hanban( Head Office of Confucius Institutes). This was also the third time for Sichuan University to host this competition. 22 international students from Sichuan University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Southwest University of Finance and Economics and University of Electronic Science and Technology in the Sichuan area participated in the competition. After fierce competition, 4 contestants from Sichuan University won tickets to enter the semi-finals.
During the competition, Vice President Shi Jian went to express welcome and thanks to all participants, organizers and the the CCTV international channel camera crew . He also extended congratulations to the students who won the opportunity into the semi-final. He said that this Competition  provided a good chance to learn the Chinese language and culture.