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West China College of Public Health

West China School of Public Health, Sichuan university is one of the most famous academic institutes in the field of Public Heath in China,and its history can date back to 1914 when the group of public heath was setted up in West China Union University. In 1936, it developed into the Department of Public Health, In 1951,it became “Public Health Department of National West China University”; and in 1986, “School of Public Health of West China University of Medicine Science” was established. In 2000, original West China University of Medical Science combined with Sichuan University, and the school consequently renamed as “West China School of Public Health, Sichuan University”.
After 90 years’ development, the school now comprises 15 departments of the school, the West China Fourth Hospital of Sichuan University(hospital for occupational disease  prevention)and the Sichuan University Training Centor of Health Administrators.Set of teaching,research, medical treatment, prevention, health care, training of cadres and high-tech development as a whole. College have six doctoral programs, nine master programs. Doctoral and master's program coverage in all disciplines of preventive medicine. The six doctoral programs, respectively,are Epidemiology and Health Statistics,Labor and Environmental Health, Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Health and Social Behavior,Social Medicine and Health Management,Public Health Laboratory Science; Among them, Nutrition and Food Hygiene and Social Medicine and Health Service Management are key disciplines in Sichuan Province.The six doctor programs is also the master programs, and there are another three master programs : Health Toxicology, Child and Adolescent Health and Maternal and Child Health Studies, Hospital Management and Health Policy. At present, the college have four majoy  for undergraduates: Preventive medicine, Health Inspection, Public Affairs Management, Business Management.
The total number of the school staff is 268. among them,there are 75 person have senior title,14 doctoral tutor,39 Master Tutor.there are more than 1326 undergraduates, 61 PhD and 218 Master. College has a group of well-known professors who devotion to the cause of public health. 6 people are academic and technical leaders in Sichuan Province, There are two outstanding young experts contributions at the provincial Ministry,and eleven Sichuan Provincial Health Department of academic and technical leaders. Professor Chen Zhiqian, is world-renowned public health expert, a pioneer in primary health care, tertiary health care network in rural areas creator and the founder of modern Chinese Health Education, known as the "Father of Public Health of China". Professor Chen Zhiqian dedication to the medical cause, Rigorous scholarly, advocating science,have bold to innovation, has made an outstanding contribution to human health and China's public health.

School always insist on teaching as the center, To educate people as the fundamental principles; To transform education concept as the keypoint, The reform of teaching as the core, give full play to the advantage of traditional disciplines and emerging disciplines.According to high starting point and high objectives requirements, In the areas such as professional setting, curriculum system, teaching content and practical teaching links, We trengthen the basic training, emphasis on innovation,creative thinking, comprehensive quality and practical skills training,our ultimate goal is to enable students to acquire knowledge and improve the quality and ability. Summing up the above, we initially built science and technology facing for future, facing the world and advance.we will give fully efforts to develop innovative high-quality personnel training system which can let each person all-round development, devote our efforts to completion our college as a public health disciplines of high-level personnel training base.which has certain characteristics, advantages outstanding and domestic advanced and certain international influence.
School always attached importance to the construction of teaching materials, The Ministry of Health Planning textbook"Health Statistics"edited by the teachers of our school has been published to the 4th edition, version 1 was rated excellent teaching materials by Ministry of Health, Version 3 awarded medical and health outstanding scientific and technological progress third prize issued by the Ministry of Health. Since 2002 alone,our teachers have been edit and participated edit 57 varities of teaching materials. Among them, higher education, "15" national planning materials 10, Editor have three, a deputy editor have one; Higher education "Eleventh Five-Year" national planning textbook editor 4; The Ministry of Health Planning materials 20, editor 10.
Our school is the birthplace of professional health inspection, the profession is also the advantage of our professionals, So far the status of the subjects is still ranked first in the country.

The past two decades, the college commitment to the completion of a total of more than 600 items of various types of research subjects, There were 110 scientific research and technological award all levels progress prize. Among them, three won the State Scientific and Technological Progress second and third, 73 the Ministry of Provincial Awards, 33 city-level awards. More than 30 teachers served as director of national academic bodies or 2 Institute chairman, more than 40 teachers served as provincial director of the academic community , deputy director and director.

The "modern preventive medicine" magazine which is hosted by our institute, It is the Chinese Preventive Medicine Hygiene core journals, China Science and Technology Statistics source journal papers, Was named "Chinese Journal of Preventive Medicine Series an excellent journal," issued at home and abroad

For the noble objectives of our country's public health and education career, West China School of Public Health to all teaching and administrative staff With "self-reliance, direct the opposite direction, climbing" mutual encouragement will create greater glory!