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Why Study in Sichuan Normal University (SNU)

History of Sichuan Normal University

The origin of SNU can trace back to China Northeast University (CNEU) when it moved to Santai County, Sichuan Province in 1938. After the War of Resistance Against Japan (1937-1945) was over, CNEU moved back to Northeast China. However, some CNEU faculty and staffs stayed in Sichuan, and in 1946, they established Northern Sichuan Workers and Peasants College on the same site of CNEU campus in Santai County. Later, it was renamed as Northern Sichuan University and moved to Nanchong City. In 1952, during the period of the merge of universities and colleges across the country, Sichuan Teachers College (STC) came into being. It mainly grew out of Northern Sichuan University, and at the same time, it merged Eastern Sichuan College of Education and some specialties from Sichuan University and West China University. In 1956, STC moved to Chengdu, and in 1985, approved by the State Commission of Education, STC was renamed as Sichuan Normal University.

The Achievement of Sichuan Normal University

SNU is strong force in scientific research work. In the past years, great achievement has been made in the fields of the theoretical research of education science, basic theory, applied technique as well as the efforts made to popularize scientific and technical result. SNU has a number of renowned professors, scholars and experts at international or national level. In accordance with the data from the Science Citation Index (SCI), Index to Scientific Reviews (ISTP) and Engineering Index (EI), academic papers and theses published by SNU faculty staffs in the fields of natural sciences have ranked very high all the time among Chinese universities and colleges. The research work in liberal arts is one of the best kind in the nation. SNU has set up the Bashu Cultural Research Centre, and it is one of the few research bases of the humanities and social sciences that have been designated by the Ministry of Education to a few provincial universities in the country. In the past five years, SNU faculty staffs have undertaken over 400 research projects that come from the National Social Sciences Foundation, the National Natural Sciences Foundation, the Xinhuo Program at national level, the National 863 Key Program of High Technology, the Tenth-Five Years Planning of the National Education Science as well as other scientific and technological programs at ministerial or provincial level. In addition, SNU faculty staffs have published over 500 academic books and 5,000 academic theses and papers. 380 of these were printed out by SCI, EI, or ISTP journals. SNU faculty staffs also have obtained 130 prizes by the name of the Scientific and Technologic Awards at national or provincial level, the Invention Awards, the Philosophy and Social Sciences Achievement Awards and the High Quality Teaching Achievement Awards.
SNU is one of centers among the institutions of higher learning in Sichuan Province to operate overseas academic exchange and co-operation. Since 1980, on a regular basis, SNU has established academic relations with the institutions of higher learning in more than 20 countries and regions and accepted over 1,000 overseas students. At the same time, SNU has sent over 300 faculty staffs abroad for academic visits, research collaborations, and degree or advanced studies. SNU is designated by the Education Department of Sichuan Province to set up Foreign Language Training Center to offer courses to prospective faculty staffs who are selected from the Institutions of Higher Learning in Sichuan and prepared to go abroad for academic program. SUN is one of the regular institutions of higher learning designated by the Ministry of Education to enroll students from Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan.
Approved by the Education Department of Sichuan Province, SNU is designated as the Sichuan Training Center for In-Service Teachers from the Institutions of Higher Learning. This center is responsible for giving advanced training to middle-aged and young teachers from the universities and colleges across the province. SNU is also designated by Sichuan CPC Committee as the Sichuan In-Service Administrators' Training Center of the Institution of Higher Learning. This center is responsible for giving advanced training to administrators from the universities and colleges across the province. In addition, There are some other centers, including the 'Two Courses' Training Center (The courses: Marxism Theory and Ideological and Political Education), Sichuan Pre-Teaching Training Center for Young Teachers from the Institutions of Higher Learning, the Center for Continuing Education to In-Service Teachers in Elementary and Middle Schools in Sichuan Province, Sichuan Teachers' Certification Accreditation Guidance Center and Sichuan Elementary and Middle School Teachers' Information Technology Testing Center. 
At present, all the faculty staffs in Sichuan Normal University follow the educational policy issued by the Communist Party of China. They uphold the socialist approach to operate the university. At the same time, they keep up with the current development, deepen reforms and explore all possibilities of innovation in order to improve SNU teaching quality, enhance its research level and obtain more beneficial result through the university operation. They will work harder to turn SNU into a teaching-and-research typed university, featured with teachers' education.