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The President of the University of Le Havre, France Visited and Signed

The President of the University of Le Havre, France Visited and Signed
On December 9th, a delegation headed by Mr. Camille Galap, President of the University of Le Havre visited DMU.

Firstly, Prof. Wang Zuwen, President of DMU extended the warm welcome to the guests. He briefly introduced the basic information of DMU, then he elaborated on our cooperation with Normandy Business School, France. He hoped that this visit would strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation which is beneficial to the substantial cooperation in the future.
Mr. Camille Galap, President of the University of Le Havre, said that this was the second time he visited DMU and was grateful for the warm reception received. He was pleased to sign this MOU and establish friendly cooperation partnership with DMU. Then, he talked about the basic information of the University of Le Havre and hoped that both sides could exchange teachers and students in the field of logistics and ocean shipping in the years ahead.
The two universities also held a deep discussion about credit transfer and faculty exchange.
After the meeting, Prof. Wang Zuwen and Mr. Camille Galap signed the Framework Agreement which encourages exchange of faculty and students, as well as participation in joint research activities.

The delegation also visited DMU Exhibition Hall and the Ship-handling Simulator. They spoke highly of DMU’s teaching facilities.
The senior officials from the Transportation Management College and International Cooperation and Exchange Office also participate in the above activities.