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Why us

International Education College (IEC) at LNUTCM specifically offers TCM education for international students, and it is responsible for recruiting, enrolling, teaching and managing international students.

In addition, IEC offers regular degree programs, professional training programs related to TCM in various forms, and different levels of Chinese language training programs.

After more than ten years of exploration and development, IEC has achieved a rapid growth not only in the scale of international students, but also in terms of the quality of its education.

Until now, more than 5,000 international students from Korea, Japan, U.S.A, Australia, Russia and other regions or countries, have graduated from IEC with various kinds of diplomas, degrees and certificates in different programs.

IEC at UNUTCM warmly welcomes the students, the researches and the colleagues from all over the world who are interested in TCM for visiting, learning, exchanging, and cooperating.