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No. 3 Affiliated Hospital

Hospital was formerly Liaoning Medical College Hospital Coloproctological department, founded in 1958. Expanded in 1982, Liaoning Medical College Hospital Coloproctological branch. It changed in 1998, while the Liaoning Medical College Second Affiliated Hospital Coloproctological Branch. In 2004, prepared by the Liaoning Provincial Committee for approval, an independent institution, renamed Liaoning Traditional Chinese Medicine Coloproctological Hospital, Third Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the preparation of 200 beds. In 2006 the school was renamed the University, the hospital renamed Traditional Chinese Medicine University, Third Affiliated Hospital, Liaoning Province Coloproctological hospital by name.

Hospitals are open 220 hospital beds, 249 employees, including one doctoral tutor, four Master tutor, six,DM, 26 Master of Medicine.There are 26 persons who have senior professional titles or professional and technical personnel.

After half a century of operation industry heritage, meaning the continuous development of the hospital, now a State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Coloproctological Professional key disciplines, key specialist construction unit; States Food and Drug Administration clinical trial of drug organizations; Chinese medicine society anus intestinal branch chairman units; the National Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Coloproctological base for continuing professional education; Liaoning Province branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine Association president Coloproctological unit.

Hospital always adhere to the " The specialty legislative the hospital ,talents strong hospital, The technology develops the hospital, The norm manages the hospital " and do hospital purpose, adhering to the "Virtuous, refined, harmonious, serve our community" the hospital training and adhere to "Chinese medicine mainly integrated Chinese and Western "The direction of running the hospitals, to cause the hospital to play prominent characteristics of Chinese medicine specialist, complete services, the focus of well-known hospital.

Hospital solemn promise - "cure disease, sound services, to ensure safety."