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No. 2 Affiliated Hospital

Meanwhile, the hospital owns 3 third-level laboratories of the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, e.g. the analysis laboratory of traditional Chinese medicine, the pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine and the clinical laboratory of traditional Chinese medicine, the second-level laboratory of traditional Chinese medicament of the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, 4 provincial key laboratories, e.g. the modern traditional Chinese medicament key laboratory of Liaoning technology gallery, the key laboratory of safety evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine, the key laboratory of activity screening of traditional Chinese medicine and the optimizing key laboratory of Liaoning clinical proved-recipe system, the Liaoning optimizing key research laboratory of composite traditional Chinese medicine, Shenyang new traditional Chinese medicine research and development technical platform and SPF-level animal experiment center.

The hospital is equipped with advanced Agilent fourth-level rod series mass spectrometer, real-time quantification PCR system, gaseous-phase chromatograph and other large-size science and technology equipment. In recent years, the hospital has undertaken the project of the technical support plant of the eleventh five- year plan of the ministry of science and technology, the project of the creation of important new medicine of the ministry of science and technology, 102 items of the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine and provincial subjects, more than ten items are awarded with at least the provincial-level achievement of scientific research and 9 invention patents. The hospital provides more than 100 items of technical service of traditional Chinese medicine to the enterprise, independently develops 5 new traditional Chinese medicines and transforms the achievement, and creates high economic benefit and social benefit.

The clinical experiment of the medicine has got an outstanding result. From 2006 to 2008, the hospital has completed 158 projects of the first-period clinical experiments, carried out the research of composite pharmacokinetics of traditional Chinese medicine, the research of the pharmacokinetics of chemical medicine, the research of biological equivalence and tolerance experiment, which display our high scientific research ability. The hospital reaches the advanced national level, and is highly recommended by the leaders of the industrial departments and research and development units. The hospital has completed more than 130 new evaluated traditional Chinese medicines of clinical experiments during the first and second periods, and makes positive contribution for providing the traditional Chinese medicine which satisfies the government and people. In addition, the hospital improves and develops the clinical academic ability through scientific work and strengthens the dynamic integration of clinic and scientific work. Three and two majors were respectively confirmed as the key medical specialties of Liaoning in 2007 and 2008. In 2009, the pneumology subject and clinical science of chinese pharmacology were confirmed as the key subjects by the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine. In 2010, six majors are confirmed as the peak medical establishment projects in Liaoning, which creates a new height of our clinical research through the integration and digestion of scientific work, promotes the technology of clinical application and drives the cultivation of talents.

As the second clinical college of Liaoning traditional Chinese medicine university, the hospital undertakes the mission of undergraduate education and post clinical education, and develops the continuous medical education to foster outstanding students for the career of traditional Chinese medicine.

The hospital actively develops the friendly academic communication with a plurality of counties and regions in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, and respectively welcomed the overseas students, researchers of traditional Chinese medicine and visit from Thailand, South Korea, Japan, USA, Germany, Russia, Singapore, Australia, India, etc., which enlarges the influence of the traditional Chinese medicine in the world and enhances the academic communication of traditional Chinese medicine of countries.

Under the guidance of scientific development view and the policy of the party, the staff of the affiliated secondary hospital of Liaoning traditional Chinese medicine university will uphold the correct development direction and guideline, the service philosophy of considering the patient as the center, and considerably, harmoniously and continually develops to work hard for making the hospital be the first-class traditional Chinese medicine hospital with the outstanding characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine.