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Nursing College

The Nursing Faculty of Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (LNUTCM) was founded in 1984, which was a secondary professional school originally. In 2002, The Nursing Academic Institution was established which launches the five-year undergraduate Nursing courses (combining Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine) and awards the Bachelor of Medical Studies degree upon graduation. In 2007, the four-year undergraduate education---General and English-oriented nursing were added, which award the Bachelor of Science degrees upon graduation. Now the institute has 800 undergraduate students registered and becomes one of the training bases for high-level talents of Nursing.

The Nursing Academic Institution has held the concept of adapting hi-level Nursing talents to the requirements of the 21st century, insisting on scientific programming and intensifying the inner construction comprehensively. In recent years, its range of the faculties has been expanded rapidly, and the level of teaching and academic research has been raised obviously. In 2005, it had passed the evaluation of universities in Liaoning Province successfully. In 2006, in virtue of the standardized construction of faculties, it obtained the recognition of the specialists in the evaluation of undergraduate course conducted by the State Ministry of Education. In September 2007, it was appraised by the China Association of Chinese Medicine as “the National Advanced Group of TCM Nursing”. In November of the same year, it joined the “Huaxia Higher Nursing Education Alliance” which was initiated by Hong Kong Polytechnic University and other 20 universities. Since the institute developed the international communication actively, in September, 2007, the international cooperation school project --- the “3+1” of Nursing Faculty was assigned with the British University of Bedfordshire.

The Institution of Nursing holds a group of teachers with hi-level, hi-degree and innovative spirits. These teachers are committed to the undergraduate, secondary, adult education, and other multi-level specialized teaching tasks on Nursing. The number of them with a master degree takes up more than 28 percent and associate professional teachers in more than 44% among all. They are encouraged to carry out teaching and researching actively. In recent years, they chief-edited or join-edited 26 national programming teaching materials and other kinds of teaching materials, they also have undertaken 8 research topics of the provincial level and the school’s level, besides, they attained 2 items of the field grade teaching achievements upon the level of province and the school as well as published 80 papers.

The Institution of Nursing takes the teaching practice seriously and makes professional skill training stand out. The newly built clinical skill training center is equipped with the Nursing practice room with a total area of 1074 square meters. Its advanced equipments, complete function and the scientific administrative regulations can satisfy the Nursing specialized practicing and teaching need. The quality of clinical teaching has been fully guaranteed by our undergraduate clinical teaching course and the graduation fieldwork base: the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Affiliated Hospital, our school affiliated hospitals and other more than ten General Hospitals.

The Nursing Academic Institution of LNUTCM aims at constructing the first-class Nursing Faculty and training the first-class Nursing talents. It insists on taking the education for full-scale development as the essence, making the modern Nursing education as the principle, clarifying the Nursing personnel training goal, running a school with the prominent characteristics, increasing the dynamics of the educational reform, and trying to make a bigger contribution for the development of the advanced Nursing education diligently.