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College of International Students

The College of International Students was established in 1965. It is a separate entity dealing exclusively with nternational students. Every year students from over 20 countries come to attend Chinese classes and carry out research in Chinese culture.

With years of development, the college has accumulated extensive experience in curriculum and administration and has formed a flexible model of running a school with multiple administrative levels. Its faculty is very experienced, well qualified and has a rich teaching experience.

In 2003, the University allocated funds to construct a modern building of more than 15,000 square meters for the college, which has facilities such as multi-media classrooms (audio-visual, computer), 
dormitories, a canteen, and entertainment rooms to provide a convenient atmosphere for studying and living to meet international students' needs and keep abreast of developments in teaching methodology. Due to our reputation, we have the greatest number of international students in Liaoning Province and in all the northeast of China.

On 29th April, 2007, Liaoning University changed the name of College of International Students to International College for Chinese Language Studies.

The Committee of Chinese Proficiency Test authorized Liaoning University to organize three elementary and intermediate and one advanced tests of HSK every year.