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Why Study in LNU

As one of national top "211 projects" colleges&universities, Liaoning University, during its development of more than half a century, consistently persisted in the socialism-oriented school-running, implemented party's educational policy, received our college motto spirit of “gracious morality, prudent study, persevering endeavor and self independency ".To cultivate outstanding talents with innovation spirit and practice ability is own duty, and to perform talents fostering, science development, cultural prosperity, society service is our responsibility. LiaoningUniversity has already developed into a comprehensive university with complete aculty, strong teaching scientific research and supporting capability and certain international influence. Over 100,000 talented people and overseas students from 45 countries were already raised here.

The new century, worldwide ever-changing advance in technology and rapidly developed modernization in our country have provided the new development space and a higher request for national higher education. We must highly lift the great flag of the Deng Xiaoping Theory; comprehensively implement the important thought of "The Three Represents”; with spirits of advancing with the times and taking courage to be the first, gripe strategic opportunity, build up new idea, clear new mentality, seek the new breakthrough, develop new phase. We must promote "211 projects” construction companied with the practice to unceasingly deepen management reform, carefully raise the high-quality teachers group, comprehensively strengthen the Party construction and the ideology political affairs, highly emphasize school quality and benefit, grow to be a tape of teaching -- scientific research university with higher and greater international impact in order to make bigger contribute to for the national revival based on science and education, the talented-oriented mighty nation strategy, and the promotion of economy development and the social progress.