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Why Study in LNNU

Five Characteristics of College of International Education

1. After completing half a year's course in the college, the students' Chinese proficiency is expected to reach HSK grade 3-5; after completing more than one year's course, grade 5-6 of HSK is to be reached, and after completing more than a year and a half's course, grade 6-8 can be reached.

2. The college is available to offer different kinds of courses which provide 28 teaching hours per week. Meanwhile, we provide different kinds of intensive courses in order to meet the needs of different students. 

3.  In addition to the curriculum for Chinese language program on long-term and short-term basis, graduate and undergraduate programs are offered.

4. The college is approved by the Ministry of Education to enroll government-scholarship students, and is one of the overseas Chinese education bases which was established by Overseas Chinese Affair Office of the State Council. So far, there are many international students from over 30 countries and areas studying in our university, which provides a platform and opportunities for students to exchange their learning experiences and have culture communication.

5. The preparation for HSK test is included in the teaching plan which may help to continually improve the students' test ability. Our university is also Dalian's HSK testing center which makes it convenient for the students to attend it.

The students' activities are organized each semester for the students to visit the most famous and distinguished places in Dalian, like the Golden Stone Beach and Bingyugou Scenic area , etc. Furthermore, the school offers some after-school activities, such as tennis, tai chi, paper-cutting, Chinese cuisine, Chinese songs, Chinese drama, etc.

Christmas gathering

- Artistic activities for international students are organized before every Christmas.
Language practice

- the third and fourth-year students are arranged to go to other cities for practicing Chinese language