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Shopping and Leisure in Dalian

Shopping and Leisure 

Commercial development of Dalian has increased in recent years. Anyone traveling to the city is encouraged to wander around the skyscraping shopping malls and stores. You will find a sea of world-famous fashion brands.
Dalian has undergone rapid development from the mid 1990s during which time a host of foreign consumer-goods companies have entered China's market. Large scale shopping malls and supermarkets including MYCALL (Japan), Parkson (Malaysia), Carrefour (France), Wal-Mart (U.S.) have been built. The time-honored Friendship Stores (a famous department store brand in China's planned economy period) have established many new shopping centers and stores throughout the city. Therefore, you will find numerous shopping choices in the city.
Recommended Shopping Sites

Shopping is one of the most exciting things to be done in Dalian. From there, you can find lots of Dalian style seafood, handicrafts and ornaments, which are full of Dalian characteristics. Taking a walk along the streets and markets in Dalian, you may find some exquisite handcrafts with a fair price. There are four shopping centers in Dalian, namely Qingniwa Bridge, Tianjin Street, Renmin Road and Xi'an Road. 

Like Beijing's Wangfujing and Shanghai's Nanjing Lu, Qingniwan area close to Dalian Railway Station is a commercial landmark of the city and a popular tourist destination. With a good location in front the railway station, a group of large shops and malls make this area the busiest shopping center in the city. Qiulin Women Shop and Dalian Shopping Center are two main choices in this area.
Location: In front of the railway station in the downtown area
Tianjin Walking Street

This was a century-old shopping street with numerous shops and stalls. In recently years, the government turned it into an extravagant European style shopping area with all sorts of well known brands housed in a great number of skyscrapers. The top-end shopping building, Friendship Shopping City, is on this street.
Location: north of Zhongshan Square and east to Shengli (Victory) Square
Getting there: You can take Tourist Bus 801 (B) and 901 from the railway station
Xi'an Lu

This is a popular choice for locals with many supermarkets including Carrefour, Parkson, Wal Mart and other domestic retail outlets.
Location: in the western part of the city

Pubs and Clubs
The various squares in the city are popular nightlife venues for local people. In the evening, parents with children, young lovers, elder people and sightseeing tourists come to squares to stroll, play tennis and to exercise. They usually stay till midnight.
Though not as flourishing as those in Beijing, bar and pubs close to Wuwu Road and Sanba Square areas in the city are still one of the main choices for local people.
Spark — Korean designed, this is gracefully decorated themed cocktail bar. Bartender and Spark from Korea present fantastic COCK-TAIL Shows
Address: opposite Liangyun Hotel
Augustus —This is an entertaining venue with performances.
Address: opposite Spark
The Sphinx Bar — Located close to the Hilton, Shangri-La and Furama Hotels, Sphinx Bar is a welcome oasis from the hustle and bustle of the neighboring bars.
Address: No.14 Chang Jiang Lu, Zhongshan District
Cross-Country Bar — Address: 415 Huanghe Road, Shahekou District
Tian Hao (Bird Bar) — Address: Renmin Square, close to Children’s Palace
Max Bar — Address: Renmin Road, Zhongshan District
Red Star Bar — Address: Sanba Square, opposite Tianshang Renjian Hotel
Windsor Town  — Address: 201-9 Xinhua Street, Shaqu District
Square Story Café — Address: 6 Sanba Square
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