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Get You to Know Chemical Engineering Department of WUST

The department founded June, 2001, and has Application Chemical Technology, Environment Inspect and Measurements, Fine Chemistry Production technology, Industry Analysis and Inspection, Chemical Equipment Maintaining Technology. There are 1263 students in the Department. Chemical Engineering Department has 52 teachers, among them, 6 professors, 14 associate professors, 2 engineers, 16 lectures, 14 Assistants, 1 doctor and 27 master s. The department has an excellent teaching team.

 The department has 4 advanced basic chemical lab, 2 chemical engineering theory lab, 2 chemical engineering technical lab, 1 chemical engineering simulating lab, 1 physics and chemical lab, 1 chemical engineering emulating lab, 1 chemical integrating analysis center, 2 multimedia classroom which can hold 240 students. The Department has the 4A Network teaching plant provided by High Educational Publishing Company, which can help student to enjoy the most advanced course teaching resources.

 The department focuses on the practice teaching, and develop joint teaching with many famous company and has more than 20 production practice bases.

The department focuses on the education standard of “ Satisfied by students, their parents and future employers”, insists on educational creating and educational reform. For the teaching system, the department sets up a training pattern of focusing on students, concentrating on skill training, aiming to social application. The students graduated from our department are good character, high skilled and welcomed by the employer. Employment rate of the graduate is as high as 98%.