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Department of Secretary and Law

The department founded in 2000 opents up four specialties--- legal matters, secretary, property management, business brokers and agents, and two correspondence specialties ---- legal services, secretary.

Law speciality aims to train higher technical applied talents with economic, legal and financial management capacity, that could meet the needs of the socialist market economy and are competent for jobs in the government organs, the judiciary, procuratorate court, tax bureau, foreign economic trade, law firms, community legal services, intermediary organizations, auction companies, insurance companies, real estate companies and other enterprises and institutions.

Secretary major trains higher technical talents with higher language skills, comprehensive coordination and cooperation in capacity, logical thinking and analytical skills, understanding management and the law skillfully operating modern office automatization equipment, qualified for secretarial jobs, clerk, planning, public relations, records management, advertising, interviews and editing, computer operators in government organs, enterprises, information management services, newspapers, magazines, television, internet and other news media and other social organizations.

Property management major takes social demand as the guideline, aims to cultivate higher skills of personnel that could meet the needs of the front line of property management. Property management trains qualified personnel that masters basic theoretical knowledge and basic skills, has good professional ethics, physical health and psychological quality, more strong property management capabilities and could work for real estate development, property management industry in China. Business brokers and agents major trains highly skilled personnel with knowledge and capabilities in business brokers and commercial agents and could be qualified for the work of related business brokers, agents and business management in business management and commercial enterprises and institutions. This major was founded in 2006 and there are 465 students.

The department has a rational teaching staff consisting of 26 teachers, among which 10 have been awarded associate professor title and 10 have receive master's degree or higher. Scientific research achievement is rich. One provincial-level research projects and three city-level research projects have been conducted. And another two provincial-level research projects are undergoing.

The department adheres to the management philosophy of"students as root", adds humanistic care into the strict system management and uses the strict system to help students develop good study habits. At the same time, teachers focus on the impact of personal charm on the students. A warm, harmonious atmosphere is created all around the department so that students can be infected by the strong academic atmosphere and influence of the human sincere sentiments. The department also encourages students to take part in various community activities to accumulate knowledge and skill. Students in our department are repeatedly commissioned by the Institute to host essay competition, argument contest, popularizing lectures, personal talent show, and other cultural activities, through which students’ excellent organization and coordination ability and outstanding personal qualities are fully displayed. Furthermore, student management has been in the forefront of university.