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Authorized by the Ministry of Education of China, Qingdao Binhai Vocational College was founded in the year 1992, and upgraded to Qingdao Binhai University in the year 2004. We are now carrying out four kinds of Programs, they are Bachelor Degree Program, Associate Degree Program, Diploma-Certificate Program and International Exchange Program. These programs cover more than 60 majors, such like Economy Management, International Business, Electro-Engineering, Information Management, Computing Science, Foreign Languages, and Fine Arts.

In current period, Binhai has about 15000 students, including 200 international students from Korea, Japan, Russia, Mongolia, Philippines, Laos, and Cambodia. All these students are in-campus accommodated. The University Governance creates a unique live-study environment by normalized management and instant service for all the students.

The motto of Binhai is Everyone is talented, everyone is valuable. We determine to help our students to fulfill their characters and unleash their intelligence potential.    

The campus of Binhai University covers an area of 67.66 hectares, and has 40 teaching buildings. We are equipped with more than 4100 teaching computers, 1,200,000 volumes of books, 65 multimedia classrooms, 54 laboratories and 4 academic halls. We also have gymnasiums, swimming pools, fine arts museum and a standard football field.

The total number of our academic and administrative staff is 1150. Most of our 800 full-time teaching staff own Master-above Degrees, 100 of them are of dual professional titles. There are 35 full-time foreign experts from Japan, Korea, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Russia and Canada teaching and researching in campus. Binhai University believes the love to the students is the fundament of education, and lays emphasis on teachers’ discipline and morality.

Binhai University constantly requires its teachers to continuously study and research, in order to improve their teaching methods.

Our credit-based Elective Subject System is very flexible, enabling students graduate within fewer semesters when sufficient credits are reached. Students who come across financial problems can apply for suspension of schooling in order to work outside the university for a certain period, without losing their student ID in Binhai.

Jointed with home and abroad enterprises, we set up 45 on-job practice bases for our students. For some majors the practical courses account for 40 percent of the total courses. We managed to create a special method to help our students become practically proficient in their specialty. 

Qingdao is a major port-city of China, it is also a regional center of finance, IT industry, high-tech research and international trade. More and more Chinese and international giant companies have established their branches in Qingdao. Out of the world’s 500 top-listed companies, 90 found agencies and factories in this city, and they provide huge employment demand for our students. Statistics from the Personnel Department of Shandong Provincial Government shows that Binhai University ranks No.1 in the students-employment rate list, with an employment rate of 98%.

Binhai university strictly guides and supervises students’ act in campus by adhering to Chinese traditional maxims. Yet we also encourage students in good extra-curricular activities, by creating a positive cultural environment. After their years in Binhai, students can not only acquire professional knowledge and skills, but also enjoy an abundant life.

Binhai University founds education cooperation with more than 20 universities all around the world, which provides the students green access to oversea study. Every year, many of our outstanding students are designated to go to our international partner universities for further study.