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Why Study in QDBHU

Living Environment

    Qingdao Developing Zone is one of the universities-serried areas and provides the availability of land for foreign investment. The communication between China and foreign countries is very frequent. Therefore, the local government can thoroughly guarantee the security of all the students.


    The university provides convenient facilities like the academic museum, natatorium, gymnasium, E-reading rooms, physique training center, dining halls, tennis courts, volleyball courts, bathrooms, laundry, large playground, hotel, photo studio, supermarket, telephone bars, glasses shop, post office together with 24-hour ATM.

Accommodation for overseas students

    The Univ.Hotel includes VIP rooms as well as standard double room and single room for the overseas students. The rooms all are equipped with necessities like bedding, closet, table, light, TV, sofa, water heater, etc. In addition, the overseas students can choose to live with Chinese students in the common dormitories that usually hold 4-6 persons.


    The transportation around the university is very convenient, with local buses No.1,2,7,18,25 buses all stopping by It takes less than an hour to get to the Qingdao International Airport, as well as get to  every famous scenic spot around Qingdao city.

International Affairs Office

    Our International Affair Office offers services on recruitment, consultation, enrollment, accommodation, communication and coordination to our international staff and students. We also has the International Exchange School, which is in charge of the studying, management of the international students. We are trying our best to create a pleasant, abundant and colorful life for all the international staff in Binhai.