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Shandong University of Science & Technology 2014 Commencement of International Students Held

The 2014 commencement of international students was held on June 27th at Shandong University of Science & Technology (SDUST) Qingdao campus. President Ren Tingqi, Vice President Zhang Shiqiang, deans and department heads and faculty representatives from respective colleges, the 2014 graduating class, etc. attended the event. Li Ping, Director of The International Office presided over the ceremony. 

President Ren extended his congratulations to the graduating class and thanked them for their contributions to campus culture and to the university’s internationalization. He encouraged the graduates to embrace the future with a global vision and be ready to face challenges by quoting ancient Chinese sayings: ‘An educated gentleman cannot but be resolute and broad-minded, for he has taken up a heavy responsibility and a long course’; and ‘As Heaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentleman should constantly strive for self-perfection’.

Ren and Zhang then conferred diploma and degree certificate to the graduates. Five graduates were awarded as Outstanding Graduates.

Mujtaba Asif thanked SDUST’s faculty and staff on behal of the graduating class and let the audience share his beautiful memories of four-year campus life. Prof. Yan Bin and Zhexen Adina also addressed the ceremony respectively on behalf of the faculty and non-graduates.

The 2014 graduates consist of 30 students—26 undergraduates and 4 masters from seven countries, i. e., Sri Lanka, Pakistan, South Africa, Germany, Vietnam, Korea and Mongolia.