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Accommodation and Service

All the international students can live in the International Students Apartment on Qingdao campus. There are two types of room: single room and two-bed room. The single room is equipped with the independent toilet, air-conditioning, desk and chair, wardrobe , laundry and bedding items. The double room is equipped with the public toilet, air-conditioning, desk and chair, wardrobe and bedding items. 

Campus Accommodation Expenses 

Single Room: RMB 35 per person per day
Double Room: RMB 20 per person per day

Photos of Accommodation(click the pics to enlarge)


Double Room                                                                                                  Double Room


Single Room                                                                                                   Dormitory Corridor


Dormitory Building                                                                                          Dormitory Building


Living Facilities and Conditions

International students can access a wide range of services including sports facilities, entertainment, canteen, supermarket, bank, post office, and telecommunication on campus.

Dining in Campus

International students can both dine in the campus canteen and cook meal in dormitory kitchen. The expenses of food is approximately 600 CNY per month. 


Campus Canteen (click the pics to enlarge)                                                      Campus Canteen (click the pics to enlarge)


Dining-room in Dorm (click the pics to enlarge)                                                  Kitchen in Dorm (click the pics to enlarge)