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SICAS One-for-One Service
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------The authentic personally-tailered Package for each individual to Study in China's Universities !

To compare with SICAS One-Stop Standard Service Package,which is the basic and standard package offered by SICAS to make sure that  all the students can directly getting into China's University in the most economic, effecient ,accurate and safest way,SICAS  One-for-One Service Package is an authentic personally-tailered premium Package for each individuel. It can spare you the trouble and optimize your satisfaction to the most extent. SICAS strongly suggests you and your parents to purchase this package too if you don't have any financial difficulty. The package includes:



 Study Abroad Planning:
 SICAS provides information regarding studying medical, engineering, business and other majors in China for Bacholar's, Master's and Doctoral applicants and directs students on how to create their own personalized study plan. Content includes study abroad recommendations, as well as information on schools, visas, and scholarships.

Admission Guarantee Service:
• SICAS has a broad cooperation with China’s universities. Until now, SICAS is authorized by 300 top Chinese universities.
• Since SICAS were established on the basis of the invitations and authorizations of China’s universities, they usually give priority to applications sent through SICAS and offer the fastest admissions to our applicants.
• Please email to if you request SICAS to specially gurantee you an Admission Letter 100% successful.

Airport Pick-up:
SICAS arranges pick-up in Qingdao Liuting International Airport for free; if you need SICAS staff to pick up you from other cities in China, please email to SICAS staff will pick up the students on 24/7 services in China and send airport pick up pictures to parents in their home-country on the very minute of students’ arrival in China.

University Transfer Service:
SICAS can help the students who have reasonable reason to transfer to about 200 universities in China.

Internship Arrangement:
SICAS can help International MBBS students to do internships in Chinese A-level hospitals. For business and engineering majors, SICAS can arrange them to find working opportunities in Fortune 500 companies.

Future Career Consultation:
SICAS can offer expert help from experienced advisors with all the reminders, hints and tips regarding future career development for International students.

SICAS Tips:How much does the SICAS One-for-One Service Package cost?

Currently, the SICAS One-for-One Service Package can only be started with your email to us at Remember, it's "personally-tailered for each individuel" in need of detailed communication. Therefore, if you need to purchase SICAS One-for-One Service Package, please email us at and we will get back to you in one working day.