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SICAS Family

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SICAS –Study In China Admission System is the official gateway website for International students to apply for first-rate universities in China. All SICAS staff members are highly-qualified and motivated to offer a whole package of the most efficient, accurate and safe application-related services to help International students directly get admissions into China’s top universities and colleges. Who are they?

Ms. Lu Zhang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O)

Ms. Zhang founded EduChinaLINK in October, 2007, the predecessor of SICAS, since which, it has been engaged in Study-In-China Admission Service. As CEO of SICAS, Ms. Zhang is in charge of company operations and is responsible for management decision-making. Also, she supervises communication and collaboration with global partners, including world-class universities and high schools as well as highly-professional education consultancies and agencies. She is a master of International Economic Law burning with curiosity about different people and cultures around the world. As a result, she has visited consulates, universities and higher education exhibitions in more than 20 countries, including USA, UK, France, Russia, Pakistan, South Africa, Djibouti etc. and more are to be in her schedule of travel. Her colorful experiences pave the way for her deeper understanding and original appreciation of higher education, especially in the field of studying abroad in China. She knows precisely everything that International students expect and need to know about studying in China, and helps them to become International talents and even indispensable pillars in the world.

Ms. Alice Luan, Chief Operation Officer (C.O.O)

Ms. Alice is responsible for the whole operation of SICAS, as well as establish and maintain cooperative relationships, collect and compile latest, advanced and valid information about courses available for International students, and steer UC (University and College) staff to issue International admission information and to manage enrolment on their SICAS accounts. Besides, she is honored with "Labor Model of Qingdao". 

Luica Liu, Chief Marketing Officer (C.M.O)

Lucia Liu, an expert in Marketing, has been engaged in the business for more than ten years. She is responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of SICAS's marketing and advertising initiatives.

Jun Wang, Chief Technology Officer (C.T.O)

Jun wang, a Doctor in Information Technology, has been engaged in the business for years. He has been in charge of or involved in the research and development of many state-level IT projects. He supervises the establishment and maintenance of the SICAS official website as well as ensures network safety. He, together with his technical team, commits to updating and perfecting the website so as to make sure unimpeded and efficient communication between global applicants and China’s best universities. What’s more, he is also competent in working out plans of strategic development and business, coordinating among SICAS divisions and establishing outstanding technical team.  

SICAS Admission Advisor Team :

Ms. Coco Du

As one of the most experienced advisors in SICAS, Coco have helped more than 2000 international students into the most suitable university in China. From the first day started in SICAS, Coco fell in love with SICAS and dedicated herself into this career. Her professional service and sweet care always wins students’ trust and love. Besides work, she loves to enjoy the wonderful life with travelling. Her biggest dream is to achieve the world peace without wars and prejudice on this planet.

Ms. Tina Shi

Tina has pushed a Master degree in Qingdao University Of Science & Technology. And when she was on campus, she was the General Secretary in student union, and hence is experienced in communicating with students as well as helping them professionally. Tina holds strong interest at Chinese traditional culture and literature, through which she often teaches international students Chinese language, and wins her popularity among them. Assisting international students from different nations, the experienced advisor in SICAS leaves a deep impression by her sunshine smile and good service.

Ms. Victoria Hou

Victoria, a graduate from Shandong University of Science & Technology.she helped more than 500 students study in china already ,she has more than 5 years experience.  With a kind heart, she is eager to help people and is passionate in current career, caring about each student's future. That's why she gets experienced in helping foreign students realize their dreams of studying abroad, studying in China. Being keen in music, sports, and interested in different countries cultures, she gets a wide range of interests. In spare time, she likes doing yoga and playing the piano, from which she has also developed a bright character.

Ms. Jessica Zhu

Jessica, SICAS advisor. Master degree of Education, 10 years working experience in helping students study in Chinese universities. Wish to meet all my students in China one day.

Ms. Missy Liao

As one of the most experienced advisors in SICAS, Missy has helped many international students into their most suitable university in China. Her professional service and sweet care always won students’ trust and love. And she aims to help students from all over the world realize their dream of studying in China.

Ms. Judy Guan

Judy, the most experienced advisor, has been helping international students apply to study in China since college. She is very responsible and patient with her students, and very popular with international students. She has always regarded it as her dream to help international students apply to study in China and help them achieve their dream and goals of studying in China.

Jeniffer Cao

Jennifer, with five years of experience in a listed company and more than five years of experience as an advisor. She is devoted to inspring students and others. As a mother and advisor, she has kept on studying in philosophy, psychology and writing. Students and parents like her kindness, patience and optimism, which gains her good reputation.

Experience the wonderful moments with SICAS family!