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Yanshan UniversityQinhuangdao
University Tier:Ordinary National International students:100 >>All Courses
Summer Short-term Chinese Language Program Chinese Non-Degree 2500 In total
Long-term Chinese Language Programs Chinese Non-Degree 7000 Per semester
Short-term Chinese Language Programs Chinese Non-Degree 2100 In total

Northeastern University at QinhuangdaoQinhuangdao
University Tier:National Project 211/985 International students:16 >>All Courses
Economics Chinese Bachelor's Degree 30000 In total

Hebei Institute of International Business And EconomicsQinhuangdao
University Tier:Ordinary National International students:200 >>All Courses
Long-term Chinese Language Course (Spring Semester, 1 semester) English Non-Degree 14000 Per year
Short-term Chinese Language Program(2 weeks) English Non-Degree 1800 In total
Short-term Chinese Language Program(4 weeks) English Non-Degree 3500 In total
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