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Family Group Tour

Teaching Medium: English
Degree Awarded: Non-Degree
Entry Requirements: Any education background is acceptable
Duration: N/A
Hours/Week: 40 hrs/wk
Starting Date: Nov.2024
Application Deadline: Nov 20, 2024
Tuition Fee:
CNY 3,000 In total
Application Fee:
300 USD (Non-Refundable)
Schools: Other

EduChinaLINK&SICAS-----Study In China Admission Tour

--10-12 Days’ Trip to 8-10  Top Chinese Universities in 2 Metropolitan Cities

SICAS will take you into two well-known and prosperous cities in China. You can choose one city in each type:

1. Beijing, the capital of China /Shanghai, the world-class metropolitan /Guangzhou, the third largest city behind Beijing and Shanghai;
2. Qingdao, the best place on earth for human living /Wenzhou, a beautiful city with a mild climate.

The tour will last for 10 to 12 days in total and it will be divided into two parts: school visit (4-5 days) and industry business visit (5-6 days):


School Visit (4-5 days)

The tour provides a chance for students and their parents to visit China's university in person. It aims to help students and their parents to learn about Chinese universities in terms of the accommodation, the food, the infrastructure, the environment and the cultural atmosphere. This enables them to make better decisions when selecting their ideal courses and schools among a wide range of options. The universities you are going to visit include Wenzhou university, Wenzhou Medical University, Qingdao University, Ocean University of China, Shandong University of Science and Technology and other famous universities in China. Please note that the universities you are going to visit would vary depending on different cities that you choose to visit.

For more information about course details and information about Chinese universities, you can log into SICAS official website at

admission guarantee & scholarship

Interviews and paper exams will be organized by these universities through which you can decide which universities you are qualified for and whether you are able to get a scholarship. Among the universties you choose to visit, you are guranteed to get admissions from three of them. Whether you are able to get the partial or full scholarship depends on your performance in the interview and exam. Face to face Q&A  with the Admission Officers of these universities will also be arranged to answer your questions.

Industry Business Visit (5-6 days)

The industry business visit targets at parents who are seeking for business opportunities in China. You are going to visit the factories of some well-known companies in China, including: Tsingdao Beer, Hisence and Haier. It should be noted that the visit is personal-tailored, which means that it will be arranged according to your preferences for different kinds of industry business, such as hair piece, furniture, appliance, tyre, medical equipments and so on.


Other details:

SICAS will arrange accommodation for you in four-star hotels. This will ensure that you have an exceptional travelling experience during the tour.

Meal budget for each person is $20-40 per day.
$3000 including visa documents preparation, 8-10 days accommodation,  8-10 days meals (meal budget for each person is $20-40 per day).

1.Photocopy of valid passport

With photo, passport number &expiration date and name included.

2.Passport-sized photo

A passport-sized photo taken recently of the applicant.

3.Certificate/Diploma of highest education
The certificate should be in English or Chinese, if not,it should be translated into English or Chinese and be notarized