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Electronic and Information Engineering (B)

Teaching Medium: English
Degree Awarded: Bachelor's Degree
Entry Requirements: High School Graduate
Duration: 4.5 Years
Starting Date: Mar.2024
Application Deadline: Feb 28, 2024
Tuition Fee:
CNY 18,000 per year
Application Fee:
150 USD (Non-Refundable)
Schools: Other


0.5 years Chinese Courses(Spring Intake)+ 4 years Bachelor Courses(Autumn Intake)(English Medium)

**0.5 years Chinese Courses TUITION FEE is FREE.(only TUITION FEE  for free, not including accommodation fee and other fees)

Note: The specialty is conducted in English with a prerequisite of a minimum number of 20 students for Bachelor’s degree. Before applying, pls contact SICAS for the latest information.

Main Courses

Courses of Circuit Theory & Its Application, Courses of Computer Technology, Information Theory & Coding, Signal & System, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), EDA Technology, Micro-controller Technology, Automatic Control Theory, Sensor & Measurement Technology, Embedded Technology & Development.

Following completion of the course work, students will master the basic theoretical knowledge and specialized skills in Electronics and information engineering, electronic devices development, information transmission & processing, communication systems and embedded systems design, and have good fundamental training to be an engineer. After graduation, students can pursue the development, research, design, manufacturing, maintenance and management of electronics equipments, communication networks, embedded detection and control system, information processing systems, or teaching and research work in colleges or universities.

NOTICE:According to the strategy cooperation agreement between SICAS and Liaoning  University of Technology, the students who get admission in this major through SICAS will be rewarded partial scholarship,receving   25 percent tuition grant, so they  only have to pay CNY18,000/Year.

 Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

The School of Electrical & Information Engineering has five basic laboratories including Media Lab, Digital Electronic Lab, Embedded System Lab, Computer Software Lab and Modern Communication Network Lab.

Teacher Highlight


Jun Zhou (Dean of  School of Electrical & Information Engineering, distinguished professor)

Dongxia Wang (Assistant dean of  School of Electrical & Information Engineering,distinguished professor)

Wenge Xie (Assistant dean of  School of Electrical & Information Engineering,distinguished professor)


Weiguo Guan(Vice professor of Liaoning University of Technology)

1. All applicants must be in good health. 

2. Must be under the age of 25, a high school graduate or with equivalent qualification of 12-year education background. 

3. If studying for an engineering degree, results of mathematics must be at least 60% of total marks.

1. A copy of the first 8 full pages of your passport 

2. A copy of your high school graduation certificate and the transcript 

3. A sponsorship letter from your parents or other sponsors 

4. Bank statements for the past six months