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Project Management

Teaching Medium: Chinese
Degree Awarded: Master's Degree
Entry Requirements: Bachelor's Degree
Duration: 3 Years
Starting Date: Mar.2024
Application Deadline: Feb 26, 2024
Tuition Fee:
CNY 26,000 per year
Application Fee:
150 USD (Non-Refundable)
Schools: Other

The Program Objectives

To cultivate the high-level talent of management in the moral, intellectual and physical fields. Specific objectives are as follows:

1. To cultivate enterprise leaders with innovation consciousness and ability. To improving ability of creation and leadership so that the management and managers in the senior management who are in the critical or transitional period of career development in particular can be trained with advanced management theory and rich practical case of improving project.

2. To cultivate excellent project managers in the following aspects: providing courses of high quality on project management; developing students' management ability and development advantages; training project management personnel for digesting scientific, technical and project management.

3. To cultivate experts and scholars who can refine the experience of project management and improve and innovate theory of project management afterwards: letting the students form good project management training system; creating more value for the society.

4. Good in physical and mental health.

Recruit and the educational system

Candidate to apply for the program should have bachelor's degree and above which is approved by Chinese Ministry of Education.

The academic duration of the program is two years and can be extended from two to five years. Study period beyond fives will be awarded the Certificate of Course-completion only.

Cultivating mode

1. Adopt credit system. Graduate students who major in Project Management Engineering must pass the exams in the curriculum examination to obtain the course credits. For getting the degree students need to accumulate required credits (at least 40 credits); Dissertation needs to be passed the defense so that the master degree can be awarded in application process.

2. Academic performance is evaluated through the test, homework, class discussion, case analysis, survey report, etc. The share of all those aspects in the final grade is determined according to the specific circumstances of the proportion of course.

The practice

During the study, student must ensure that take part in not less than 1 years of business practice, which can adopt either centralized practice or segmented practice. Students must determine the thesis supervisor after the first semester, and formulate and submit the plan in enterprise practice under the guidance of the supervisor. Generally, the practice of enterprise is arranged in the second and the third semester. To complete the enterprise practice, project management graduate student must do self identification, and guided by the guide personnel assessment. After that, students must write practice report. The practice performance and practice report are reviewed by supervisors, passed that students may obtain the corresponding enterprise practice credits.

The dissertation

1. The dissertation must be based on the professional theory, combining with the actual needs of enterprise management and the original investigation, in under the guidance of the supervisor. The genre can be case studies, research report, and enterprise diagnosis report and project management case studies. Evaluating the level of the dissertation based on the theoretical knowledge, the ability to solve practical problems and the application value of the dissertation.

2. Words amount of the dissertation is not less than 20000 words. And the writing, printing and binding according to the Graduate Student Degree Thesis Writing Norms of UJN.

3. The dissertation has to be reviewed and appraised by at least two senior professional experts. Supervisor shall not serve as a reviewer. Among the reviewers, there must is one person who is off campus and acquiring professional and technical positions with senior expert or senior manager. Among the dissertation committee members, there must is one person who is at the practical work departments with senior professional technical position expert or corporate executives.

4. Before applying for formal thesis defense, student shall submit one published academic paper as the first author and the first author affiliation should be University of Jinan, otherwise unable to participate in the graduation dissertation defense.

Degrees awarded

A student with provisions for credit, completing professional practice and passing the defense of dissertation, and is approved by the academic degree evaluation committee, will be awarded a master of engineering in project management field.

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1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health.

2. Hold a Bachelor's degree.

3. Certificate of HSK 6.

1. application form

2. personal resume

3. scanned copy of passport

4. Graduation certificate or Bachelor’s Degree

5. Bachelor’s Degree Transcript

6. Study Plan in University of Jinan

7. Two letters of recommendation from two associate professors or higher