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Transportation Guide

Ningbo has highly developed infrastructure, including a convenient public transportation network connecting to other parts of the country. The airports, railways, ports, highways of Shanghai connect it with different countries and regions in the world.

By Air


Leshe International Airport (NGB) lies to the southwest of Ningbo City, 11 kilometers (about 6.8 kilometers) away from the urban area. It was put into use in 1990. Now, the airport has opened up to Hong Kong, Seoul as well as dozens of large and medium cities in China like Shanghai, Beijing, Kunming and Shenzhen.


Leshe International Airport (NGB)



To get to the airport from the urban area, one could take the shuttle bus. It departs from the CAAC Ticket Office at No.91, Xingning Road and has few minutes' stopover by the passenger transport center. The first shuttle bus leaves at 07:20 and following ones depart with an interval of one hour. The last one heading for the airport leaves at 18:20. The bus from the airport to urban area stops at the South Railway Station. The ticket for the shuttle is CNY 10/one. Alternatively, it costs about CNY 40 by taxi to go to the airport from the center area of the city (around Tianyi Square).


Generally speaking, the check-in starts 90 minutes to 30 minutes ahead of the plane's departure. Please reach the airport in time or you may miss the plane.CAAC Ticket Office: No.91, Xingning Road.


By Train


Since Sep 2011, all of the trains to and from Ningbo have been operated by the East Railway Station. It is located in downtown area of the city, to the east of Dongfang Business Central, west of Fuming Lu, east of Sangtian Lu and south of the Xingning Lu. At present, there are scheduled bullet trains from East Railway Station to and from Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen,Fuzhou, Wenzhou and Nanjing.


Ningbo Train Station


Tips: the check-in counters will be closed 10 minutes before the trains' departure time.Transportation: city-buses of Nos. 10, 12, 18, 335, 388, 516, 522, 541, 505, 201, 758, 782, 903, 123 and 620

Free shuttle buses are opened from East Railway Station to Ningbo Passenger Transport Central Station and South Bus Station.


By Water


The Ningbo Port is located in the middle section of the mainland coastline of China. In the southeast of the Yangtze River delta, the Port consists of seaports and river ports two parts, mainly distributing in the Beilun Harbor Area, Daxiedao Harbor Area, Zhenhai Harbor Area, Chuanshan Harbor Area, Meishan Harbor Area and the Xiangshan Harbor Area. The port can supply a series of services, such as pilotage, water transport, reception for international seaman and ship repair.


At present, the passenger transportation in the Port mainly serves by Gang Ke Yuanzhan (Ningbo Port Passenger Transportation Station), Daxie Shui Shang Ke Yuan Zhan (Daxie Water Passenger Transportation Station), the Zhoushan Haixia Qiche Lundu Baifeng Station (Baifeng Station of Zhoushan Strait Ferry) and the Guoju Ningzhou Qi Du Zhan (Guoju Ningzhou Ferry Station)



Ningbo Port Passenger Transportation Station & Daxie Water Passenger Transportation Station

Both of them have yachts to the Mt. Putuoshan Scenic Spot. The Daxie Station has the direct yachts to Putuoshan from 07:00 to 18:20 every 5 to 30 minutes. The whole journey will take about 2.5 hours with a fare of CNY65 per person. However, if you start from the Ningbo Port, you have to get to the Daxie Station by bus firstly and then board the yachts. There are free special buses taking you to the Daxie Station according to the yacht schedule, taking about an hour.

Ningbo Port Station

Ticket office: No.288, Jiangbei Middle RoadBusiness hours: 06:00~16:00Bus routes: Nos.1, 4, 8, 19, 20, 331, 541 (get off at Wai Tan)Inquiring number: 87356332Complaint number: 86762970Tips: the locals always call this station as Jiangbei Lunchuan Matou (Jiangbei Ship Wharf)


Daxie Station

Ticket office: Binhai East Road, Daxie Development ZoneBus routes: No.556 (get off at the terminal)Inquiring number: 86762810Complaint number: 86768206


Baifeng Station & Guoju Station

Operating course:Baifeng Yandanshan Wharf, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province (00: 30~21:10 every 50 minutes)GuojuàLiuheng Town, Zhoushan City (07:20~20:30 half an hour)GuojuàTaohua Dao (Peach Blossom Islan), Zhoushan CityInquiring number: 86727032 (Baifeng), 86021744 (Guoju)Complaint number: 86727032 (Baifeng), 86782829 (Guoju)

By Taxi

There are many different coloured taxis operating in Ningbo. With the possible exception of the red taxis, most are reasonable and clean. For most travel within the city the taxi fare should cost around 8 to 10 yuan (RMB). Generally speaking, taxis are very convenient so long as you are able to tell the driver where you wish to go. With oil prices causing headaches around the world, there is now a 1 RMB surcharge with the 8 RMB flagfall.


There are also blue taxi trucks available for carrying luggage or large purchases. Flag fall for these is 12 yuan (rmb). They will also pick up  passengers without luggage, but try to negotiate the price down if you aren’t carrying anything large. Sometimes the blue trucks are a godsend, particularly in wet weather when the extra charge is more than worthwhile.