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Shopping and Leisure

Nanjing's main shopping areas are concentrated around downtown Xinjiekou (central), Confucius Temple (south) and Hunan Road (north). For a little evening shopping bliss, head down to the rambling Matai Jie night market for clothes, DVDs, trinkets, home appliances, snack vendors and even pets. For electronics and computer parts or accessories, check out Zhujiang Road.

Shopping Spots

Gold Eagle International Shopping Center金鹰国际购物中心

Address:89 Hanzhong Lu, Nanjing
Contact:025-84708899 (Tel)
Located in downtown Xinjiekou, Gold Eagle offers a large selection of international cosmetics and brand name clothing. The trip may not be worth the price, however, as most shops in the west charge less for the same items.

Fashion Lady莱迪市场

Center of Xinjiekou Pedestrian Square
Located underground beneath Xinjiekou Pedestrian Square, two endless hallways are lined on either side with boutiques selling cheap accessories, clothes and shoes.


Nanjing 1912 

Nanjing 1912 is a blend of the old days in China and the modern styles of the West. Gray-bricked buildings, simple-styled balconies, floral-carved windows and pinnacle tops picture the old China. Today, western culture has seeped in Nanjing. Nanjing 1912 is home to world-branded coffee shops such as Starbucks, the Coffee Beanery, and Kathleen Five, Japanese and Korean restaurants, Asian-famous spas and beauty salons. Nanjing 1912 is like the Xin Tian Di in Shanghai!

Feature: all kinds of bars, pubs, discos, and teahouses
Customers: mid-class citizens, businessmen, and foreigners spend the evening in Nanjing 1912
Cost:50-100 RMB/pax
High Time: 11:00 p.m. to 12 p.m.


Big Scarlet乱世佳人

Address:8-1, 1912 Nightlife District, Changjiang Lu, Baixia District, Nanjing
         南京白下区长江路后半街    1912街区8-1号
Contact:025 8440 7656 (Tel)
Hours: Gets busy after 10:00pm. Open very late.
Not to be confused with Small Scarlet, which is located in the 1912 Nightlife District, Big Scarlet can be found in a little alleyway between Zhongyang Lu and Hubei Lu. The entire foreign population of Nanjing will pass through here sooner or later, and you're bound to see some friendly faces. Open until the wee hours, this is the perfect location for a rowdy nightcap. Cocktails and beers RMB25-30, test tube shots on offer. Hiphop, electronica, and many recognizable tunes.