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Marketing Internship in China

The evolution of computers, the internet and social media has definitely made the job of those in marketing much easier. It is now possible to reach more people faster than ever before. It is also much easier to better understand your market. Advertising and marketing in the past was a one way street.

A company would tell the consumer all about themselves, but they were getting little information back in return. It was only until about 2006 that social media really took off. Nowadays, with Facebook and Twitter, consumers can communicate directly with the companies they buy products from. And these companies get free feedback on how they can improve, what new products to make and capitalize on what their customer’s like most amount them. Of course social media is only one aspect of marketing. This industry requires a wide variety of talents to creative interesting content.

Marketing interns will gain useful industry-leading knowledge and experience while learning the tools of the trade. You will study what makes a great marketing company and the various types of marketing strategies used today. Interns will also learn how to do research and produce presentations and unique marketing based off of that research. China is still young in developing this industry and is looking for new talent who have the fresh perspective and viewpoint needed to draw in an audience of 1.3 billion. 

Responsibilities of Marketing Internship 

Collecting information about key Chinese target markets
Researching and analyzing China’s marketing strategies
Using social media to communicate with select target markets
Campaign tracking and success rates
Using a wide variety of online marketing opportunities outside of social media
Assist with other types of promotions
Analyze competitor materials and strategies

Undergraduate students majoring in advertising, sales, marketing or business are a good fit for this industry. Excellent communication skills, creativity and be tech-savvy are needed.  Strong research, analysis and project execution skills are also essential. Knowledge and or experience with online marketing, social media/SEO/PPC. Microsoft Office experience is needed and the ability to read or speak Chinese is a plus.

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