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Nightlife in Shenzhen

In this prosperous and dynamic city, there are different choices for tourists to spend their nightlife. They can enjoy the pleasure of visiting bounds of mere sightseeing, hopping on a sightseeing bus or ferry, or just shopping around the city. 
A night stroll in Shenzhen Square would provide you the chance to appreciate some folk songs and dances. Besides, you can play some sports like bowling, ping pong and tennis in some clubs, which is absolutely a healthy method to keep fit.

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Dining in Shenzhen

As a renowned international metropolis of perfect blend of cultures, the modern and the traditional, and the western and the oriental, Shenzhen can feast you with all the best food from home and abroad for all budgets. Apart from the local dishes of Shenzhen, you will find not only the cuisines and featured food of other different regions in China but delicacies from all over the world. Vegetarian and Muslim restaurants are also available for diners who have special dietary requirements.

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Life on campus is very convenient. Most Chinese students will choose to live in the dormitories on campus because of its reasonable prices, complete facilities and safe surroundings. Most of china’s universities provide international students dormitory for foreign students. Usually there are single-room double-room three-room dormitories for foreign students.

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Shopping in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a shopping paradise for both residents and visitors. On weekends, you can search from luxury stores to street stalls for various things from international brands to local products. Following is a list of the most popular shopping areas in the city.

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Transportation Guide

Located in south China, Shenzhen is a city with very convenient transportation, and is near to Hong Kong. The expressways linking Shenzhen with Guangzhou and Zhuhai have been opened to traffic, and coaches depart to Guangzhou every day. The Guangzhou–Kowloon railway runs across central Shenzhen, which brings great convenience to traveling between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In addition, Shenzhen has prosperous water transport with its eight ports. 

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