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Location and Climate

Beijing was official established as a city in 1045 BC and the city was a capital city through the Liao Dynasty, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing for nearly 800 years. Bill Clinton, the former US president, once said: To equate Beijing and New York, Beijing only needs 100 years while New York needs 2000 years. Rich in history and culture heritage, Beijing is a cBeijing is a world-famous ancient cultural city, as well as China’s political, economic and cultural center. Dated back 500,000 years ago when the land was the home of Peking man who was known as the earliest human race in the country.ity mingled with tradition and modern life.

Beijing is always your first choice if you want to be immersed in China’s rich history and to witness the incredible achievements that China has made during its 30 years of opening up to the outside world. With the annual increase of 20,000 new international students enrolled in Beijing’s universities and college, the metropolis has become the most favorable destination for international students seeking higher education in China.

Location and Climate

Beijing, China's national capital is located at the north edge of the North China Plain. With the vast Inner Mongolian Plateau not far to its northwest, Beijing is a hundred kilometers from the Bohai Sea to the east. Moreover, Beijng is flanked by the crawling Taihang Mountains to its west and the alluvial plain by the rivers of both Yongding and Chaobai to its south. Located in the North Temperate Zone, Beijing enjoys a continental monsoon climate. Its’ annual mean temperature stays approximately11.8°C (53.24°F), to be specific, January is the coldest month with the monthly mean temperature of -4.7°C (23.54°F) while July the hottest one with a mean temperature of 26.1°C (78.98°F). Beijing’s annual mean precipitation is 630 mm, concentrating mainly in the summer. Since Beijing's spring is relatively short, people used to say that when the last day of the winter is gone, the summer is approaching. Summer is renowned for hot weather with abundant rainfall. Cool with clear sky and gentle breeze, Beijing’s autumn becomes the best season to travel. However, outings in winter naturally require heavy clothing since it’s a severe season. Climatically, Beijing's four seasons cater to different tourists with various interests.

The table bellow shows the annual temperature and rainfall of Beijing:

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