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Beijing Useful Information

Living Cost

    The general price level in Beijing has risen dramatically since China adopted the Reform and Opening Policy in 1989. The commodity price has been scaled up than it was used to be in 20 years ago. In order to show Beijing’s real price level to you, we offer a price list of daily products in Beijing for reference.  

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Transportation Guide

    There are numerous ways for you to get here and there in Beijing as well as travel around the country. Some of the top choices include flight service, train, metro system, bus or taxis. The following contents will make your arriving at your school smooth and easy while also provide you numerous useful tips for travel within the city or around the country.

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     Life on campus is very convenient. Most Chinese students will choose to live in the dormitories on campus because of its reasonable prices, complete facilities and safe surroundings. Most of china’s universities provide international students dormitory for foreign students. Usually there are single-room double-room three-room dormitories for foreign students.

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Shopping in Beijing

It has been a great pleasure to shop in Beijing since it is rich in history and culture as well as it is increasingly internationalized and modernized. You can almost buy anything in Beijing ranging from luxurious LV bags to traditional handicrafts. Below are some of the top commercial streets that we strongly recommend you to visit.  >> Learn more

Dining in Beijing

Beijing cuisine is famous for its hundreds of dishes with special flavors that are unmatched by any other cuisine. Beijing cuisine does not emphasize strangeness or uniqueness, only delicious food made from common ingredients with tastes that are very agreeable. It is China's most typical cuisine. >>Learn more

Night Life in Beijing
Nightlife in Beijing is becoming more colorful and exciting by the day. Every year new nightlife activities, night clubs are coming up all over the city. The following are some great spots to spend your night in Beijing. >> Learn more

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