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New Funding Opportunies: Scholarships Now Open for Undergraduate Courses at LCU

Dear Students,

Seeking funding opportunities for higher education in China? Scholarships are now open for undergraduate courses in Liaocheng University. Founded in 1972, Liaocheng University is a national key comprehensive university become increasingly popular among overseas students in recent years.Especially, LCU is unique in its coverage of Digital Media Technology, Software Engineering, Mass Media and Radio & Television Directing.

Scholarship proggrammes in LCU

*Full-time, 4 years of duration.

*Courses are entirely taught in English.

Scholarship Policy

Tuition Fee

Arts program: RMB 24000/year

Science program: RMB 24800/year

Accommodation Fee

Double Room: RMB 6000/year

Triple Room: RMB 4000/year

Four-person Room: RMB 1600/year


First Class: 100% deduction of tuition fee and accommodation fee

Second Class: 50% deduction of tuition fee and accommodation fee (1st to 4th year)

Thrid Class: 50% deduction of tuition fee and accommodation fee (2nd to 4th year)

Note: The scholarship will be used to deducted your tuition fee and accommodation fee starting from your first academic year on campus. Your academic and overall performance will be assessed annually,and the following year's scholarship may vary according to the assessment result of your performance in the proceeding year.

*Find out more about Scholarship Policy

Why LCU?

A qualification offered by Liaocheng University will set you apart in your future career!

  • Unique learning environment--brand new and recently refurbished buildings, thanks to LCU’s large investment in campus facilities. Besides, the friendly and compact campus will make you quickly feel at home.
  • Great career prospect--Graduates from LCU are highly sought after by employers in recent years, with an employment rate of over 90% in the last 10 years.
  • A truly global perspective--over the years LCU has enhanced its strategy for internationalization. You will meet friends from diverse cultures and backgrounds. The relationship you develop at LCU will form the basis for your network and contribute to the success of your future career.
  • Get a taste of true Chinese Culture--Located in Liaocheng, a national historical and cultural city known as the “Water City North of the Yangtze River” .

*Find out more about LCU

How do I apply and what do I need to qualify for the scholarship programme?

When you register on our website, you will be automatically allocated an advisor who will help guide you on your individual application and see if you qualify for this amazing educational opportunity.

When should I apply?

As soon as possible. There are only a few remaining places available for the scholarship programmes.

Apply Now