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Top Five Worries That Might Keep You From Studying in China
Views:6981 Time:12/20/2013 3:35:42 PM
China has become a popular destination for many international students. Here are top five worries that might keep you from studying in China. 

Question 1: I can`t speak any chinese. How can I study in China?

It is benifical to you to study in China if you can speak chinese. However, it is not a necessity. Chinese students begins to study English since Kindergarten. Most workers under the age the 40 have a basic knowledge of English. What`s more, many Chinese Universities and Colleges have English Taught Programs. The teachers are fluent in English. Besides, Chinese students are willing to make  friends  with you  to practice their English. So don`t worry.

Question 2: I can't survive eating Chinese food every day.

There are many kinds of Chinese food in school canteen. Such as noodles, bread, mash potatoes and pot stews, fried rice with egg and so on. You have many choices. Moreover,  local snacks of different countries can be found in school canteen. McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway, Dairy Queen and other restaurants can also be found in China. 

Question 3: I will be alone in China. 

You might be the only person in your friends  and classmates who will study in China.  There are still  many opportunities to make new friends while abroad. Many international students are are studying  in China just like you. Many of them are also eager to make new friends. In no time, you will be friends with these students. 

Question 4: Is it safe in China?

China is a peace-loving country. Chinese people is friendly and helpful. It`s safe in China. You need to avoid places that appear dangerous and use your common sense when abroad. 

Question 5: Is it expensive to live in China?

Actually China is one of the most affordable places to live. Once you reach China, you will quickly realize that the most expensive things you bought was your plane ticket!

In fact, there is very little to worry about when studying in China.  You will be surprised how well you handled your studies in China.