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Capital Normal University New Student Scholarship for Degree Courses
Award Type University Scholarships - Provided by Capital Normal University

All applicants of the degree-seeking courses of Capital Normal University, including undergraduate and postgraduate courses, may be awarded a scholarship, i.e. waiving the tuition fee for the first semester, as long as they’re qualified after being verified by Foreign Student Office of CNU.
Students need to pay the tuition fee at the beginning of the first semester, if students can meet the assessment standard, the tuition fee will be refunded after the exam.
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Amount: Equals to the tuition fee of the first semester;
Or equals to half of the tuition fee of the first semester.
Quota: No. of Scholarships: 100
Eligible Candidates: Degree-seeking new students (including transfer students) of Capital Normal University who have not previously received the "Beijing International Students Scholarship".
Application deadline: Monday, 31 March 2014
1. Applicants need to apply for any degree-seeking courses at Capital Normal University and get admission.
2. When registering for school admission, degree-seeking new students of Capital Normal University must first pay relevant tuition fees for the first semester. For standard tuition fees, please refer to the programs details.
3. Within one month following the mid-term examinations, Capital Normal University will award the scholarship to students who meet the assessment standard
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1. Apply for degree courses of Capital Normal University through SICAS.
2. Excellent applicants will be recommended to Capital Normal University as qualified scholarship candidates.
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Terms and Conditions: 1. Degree-seeking students must attend classes on time and students who are absent for more than 12 periods without any justified reason will no longer be eligible for the scholarship; If a student cannot attend class due to sickness or other reasons, he/she must apply to his/her academic supervisor or class head for leave. On applying for sick leave, students must produce a diagnostic certificate issued by the hospital.
2. For the purpose of calculating class attendance statistics: Spring semester is until the end of the second week of May; autumn semester is until the end of the last week of October.
3. If the student who received the scholarship transfers or drops out from CNU in the second semester, his/her scholarship must be refunded to CNU.
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1. Scholarship Application Form
2. Photocopy of the Admission Letter for this University
3. Photocopy of Valid Passport
4. A: Certificate of highest education; B: Academic Transcript of highest education
5. A: Study or Research Plan; B:Two Recommendation Letters
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