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TSP Scholarship
Award Type - Provided by Jiangsu University

Amount: 10000RMB Living Subsidy. Tuition Accommodation Fee and medical Insurance waiver.
Quota: 20 masters 20 doctors
Eligible Candidates: Master/doctor of agricultural engineering Master/PhD in control science and engineering Master/doctor of electrical engineering Ms/PhD in food science and engineering Master/doctor of mechanical engineering Master/doctor of transportation engineering Master/PhD in power engineering and engineering thermal physics
Application deadline: Tuesday, 30 April 2019
1. The applicant shall hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for more than 4 years (including), and have a record of actually living abroad for more than 2 years in the recent 4 years (before April 30 of the year of admission). 2. The applicant must be a new student applying from abroad.Outstanding undergraduate graduates of colleges and universities in our province can be appropriately relaxed if recommended by the university. 3. Good health, in accordance with the provisions of the "law of the People's Republic of China on entry and exit administration". 4. Know huayuhua, abide by laws and regulations, and have no criminal record. 5. Excellent performance, meeting the admission requirements of the talent plan. 6. The applicant shall provide two letters of recommendation from the pre-qualification school, proving that the applicant's academic performance and academic ability can meet the needs of studying in suzhou. 7. If the applicant is from a non-english speaking country, he/she shall provide English certificate of proficiency level within the validity period. 8. Applicants for master's programs should have obtained a bachelor's degree, and the age should generally not exceed 30 years old;Applicants for doctoral programs should have obtained a master's degree and generally not be more than 35 years of age
After the application materials are accepted, the university will carry out equal amount evaluation and organize the recommendation work.Applicants may need to attend interviews according to the needs of the project.After the comprehensive evaluation, the school will put forward the pre-admission list of the current year's meritocrats program and submit it to the meritocrats program evaluation committee.At the same time, colleges and universities will inform students of pre-admission and guide them to further apply for scholarships.
Terms and Conditions:
1. Learning plan (over 800 words); 2.Personal statement (more than 500 words); 3. Notarized academic certificate and transcript; 4. Photocopies of passports and relevant residence certificates; 5. Health certificate or physical examination form for foreigners.Applicants should strictly follow the requirements of the physical examination form for foreigners for examination.The physical examination form for foreigners which is missing items, does not have a photo of the applicant or is not stamped on the photo, and is not signed and sealed by doctors and hospitals shall be invalid.The inspection results shall be valid for 6 months; 6. Notarization of no criminal record; 7. Certificate of English proficiency, TOEFL score not less than 80 points or IELTS score not less than 6 points (native English speakers are not required to provide); 8. Letters of recommendation from two professors or associate professors; 9. Other supporting documents (such as certificate of award, certificate of training, etc.).
Official Authorization:

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