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Schools and Departments

Fudan College
Department of Chinese Language and Literature
Department of History
Department of Museum
Department of Tourism
Department of Philosophy
School of Economics
School of International Relations and Public Affairs
School of Laws
School of Journalism
College of Foreign Language and Literature
School of Social Development and Public Policy
Department of Arts
School  of Mathematical Sciences
Department of Physics
Institute of Modern Physics
Department of Chemistry
Department of Macromolecular Science
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering
School of Life Science
School of Information Science and Engineering
Electronic Engineering Department  Department of Optical Science and Engineering
Micro-Electronics Department  Dept. of Communication Science and Engineering
School of Computer Science
Department of Material Science
Dept. of Illuminating Engineering and Light Sources 
Dept. of Mechanics and Engineering Science 
School of Management
Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University
School of Public Health
School of Pharmacy
School of Nursing
School of Microelectronic
Software School of Fudan University
College of Continuing Education
School of Network Education
School of International Cultural Communication