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Tongji university won the "advanced group of education for students studing abroad"

On July 23, 2014, solstice 24, education management branch of foreign students of education society of China held the 2014 annual meeting of education management in liaoning university. The conference not only discussed the work of education for Chinese students studying in China in recent years, but also commended the advanced collective and model individuals of education management for Chinese students studying in China in 2009-2014. Tongji university stands out among many schools and has been awarded the title of "education advanced collective for overseas students in China". , dean of the school of international cultural exchange Chen Jiang LAN was "engaged in the study makes a significant contribution to the education research in China scholars", "excellent scientific research study in education in China", "the students education model individual" and so on many honors; Cheng yu, school of international culture and exchange, won the title of "outstanding youth worker of education in China" and the award of "outstanding scientific research achievements of education in China". At the same time, Lin delong, ye yongbang, Chen qiang, li ying, liu yuntong, zhang yanchun and other comrades of our school who have been engaged in the work of education for a long time have also been recognized by the society.

Liu Jinghui, secretary general of the association, the national study in fund management committee at the conference were introduced in recent years our country foreign students work have achieved gratifying results, and puts forward requirements for future work. In her report, she pointed out that education has entered a stage of development in which the number and quality of Chinese students studying in China are both equal. We should follow the general direction of national diplomacy and establish international cooperation. Every university should have its own dream of university. We will continue to do a good job in the training of cadres in China.

New office deputy director of the international cooperation and communion department of Chinese soldiers in his speech compared to China to study abroad in China education work and the characteristics of many international students education in developed countries, points out that the students in our country education work will also face the reform, the further development of further. The ministry of education will also hold a special study abroad conference to discuss and determine the direction of China's study abroad work in the future.

The conference also set up a thematic group seminar. In the students of clinical medical education research and discussion on the special branch (English teaching), our university school of medicine, qiao-ling CAI, deputy director of the "universal management and resource allocation ­ ­ - MBBS construction projects" thematic speech